Welcome to us and Kennel Pine Spits

We have tried to translate some of the text, not all. Mostly it is diffrent summaries, but hopeful enough to learn about us and our life.


In some pages, such as News, the summary is in green and italic with the english flag () in the beginning.

The Dogs and The Cat has also a short summary about them, klick on the bookmark at the beginning at each page.

On our Link page, Breeders and Friends with some kind of english summary has the english flag () at the end.


Hope you enyoed to "visit" us and by the way... we like guests that signs in our Guestbook...

If you have any point of view about the translation or how we can improve it, please send us an mail tallnas@tallnas.com


Best Regards

Ingemar & Liz, Kennel Pine Spits