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Our names are Ingemar Johansson and Liz Dalberg, and we are living in Tallnäs. We moved here in the summer of 2006, one main reason was to be able to live closer to the nature, but also because Ingemar growed up in one of the neighbour houses. Since both of us enjoy spending spare time in the nature and at the lake, is this the perfekt place to live on. Certainly also appreciated by our pets .

Tallnäs is a small village in the north part of Swedens inland, there is only three farms and only two is inhabitated, so we have what some call a private site. At the bottom of this page there is a map showing where Tallnäs is.



We spend much of the spare time together with our dogs, hunting and fishing. During the autumn the hunting season is an important time, so our dogs is different breeds of hunting dogs. Apart from hunting with our dogs we also like to participate with the them in dog shows and other kind of gualifying competitions.

Ingemar has two children and also grand children, and they are an another important part of our life.



We have both lived with dogs main part of our lifes, if we should count them all, it would be a lot also would the numbers of breeds... Liz grove up in a home with hounds and Ingemar got his first hound when he got his first home of his own. At the beginning of 1990 Liz was introduced with the breed Borderterrier and since that time there has been at least one Borderterrier in her life. Today we have three Borderterriers, one Swedish Scent Hound (Smålandsstövare) and one Finnish Spitz and one another exellent hunter, a Sibirian Cat.
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Plans of Breeding has existed for a long time, but by different reasons it is in recent years that we started, first litter was born in december 2009. Our breeding is in a small extent. When we bought Lina it was also with the plan to be able to mate her and have puppies, she developed in both "body and soul" to our great satisfaction. She is the one who gave birth to our first litter and hopefully there will be more litters in the kennel over the years.

We put a lot of time at the appropriate environmental and social training of puppies before delivery. They live and grow up together with our other dogs and also learn social interaction with them. Very fascinating to be able to take part of, what goes in a pack of dogs regarding socializing and rules.

Our goal with breeding is to breed typical and healthy dogs with excellent hunting capacity, good mentality and exterior. A furture happiness is that our breeding will fulfill good results regarding working capcity and exterior at offical tests and shows. But the most important thing is that puppies from us will be loved and appreciated family members in their new homes.

The kennel name is an english translation of Tallnäsets, which is suitable...

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Pine Spits Amoz, Pine Spits Alliz, NO SE UCH Tisalia Ck One - Leo, Pine Spits Carizma - Moly och Pine Spits Cubic





Do you want to be in contact with us, you can either:

Call: 00 46 70 668 17 68 (Liz mobile phone) or mail to:

Here's a map showing where Tallnäs is located in Sweden.